The Start of Touring…(Sort Of)

May 19th, 2013

Well, after a long break from live shows, we’re finding our way back to the stage again! We’ve got our first big headlining show is on Thursday, May 30th, at Kelly’s Olympian – sharing the stage with our local friends, Thank You, Goodnight.  You’re not gonna want to miss this show!

    The following Thursday, June 6th, we’ll be playing McMenamin’s White Eagle with local favorite, Blue Iris, and Salem’s awesome Find Your Smile! It’s going to be wicked awesome!!

And for those of you who haven’t had a chance to check’em out, we have few of our covers that we did for the Kickstarter project in 2012 posted on our YouTube channel:      (including our uncensored cover of Easy-E’s “Gimme That Nut”)

That’s all for now… So keep your calendars open for May 30th and June 6th!


Where the hell did Hutson go?

April 3rd, 2013

Greetings everybody!
Well, it’s been a ridiculously long time since we’ve updated the old website here… So, I’m here to give everybody the good news…. (drumroll please)….
Hutson is still alive and well!

Which begs the question, “Where have they been? And why aren’t the playing shows?

   To answer the first question, we’ve basically been here in Portland. No one ran off and disappeared or anything dramatic like that… (well, Tony disappeared for a little while, but he ended up coming back)..  We’ve just all had a bunch of non-band-related stuff going on in our lives, and booking at venues has gotten a smidge more complicated since our “Reland” EP.

But despite all of that nonsense, we’ve been meeting up every week solidifying our live performances, and really nailing down some new songs, (of which we plan to release later this year).  Specifically, one song called “Sarajuyne” is completely done and will be rocking some future setlists in the coming months.

 Speaking of that, we do have one definite date for an upcoming show – We’ll be playing the ol’ White Eagle again on Thursday, June 6th, 2013 with our friends from Blue Iris.   So put that on your calanders, guys! Cause it’s gonna be a hot show…

Also, we’ve got some stuff in the works with some other venues round Portland, that might be popping up before that June 6th show, so stay on the lookout.

    As if that weren’t enough to set your fears aside, we’ve also got about 10 acoustic covers of songs from our infamous Kickstarter that we’ll be soon posting on our YouTube channel – (including our un-edited cover of Easy-E’s “Gimme That Nut”) – So, lots of cool stuff happening. Oh, and of course a super-fantastic website remodel coming up as well – that Andy’s been hard at work on.

 So, take it easy – And rest assured, there’s plenty more music coming from us!


The Imminent Release of “From A Transistor Radio”

June 13th, 2012

Oh, yes…. We’re nearly 2 weeks away from the big CD release show! It’s crunch time for us, as we finish polishing off our live set to bring out these new songs for everybody.

       For those of you who were involved in our super-secret CD Listening Party, we thank you for your participation and we had an awesome time letting you guys hear the new album and hanging out, signing CD’s, etc… Definitely something we’ll have to do again one day!

     And for all you wonderful folks who weren’t able to make the listening party, your day is nearly here!  Saturday night, June 30th is the street release date of our new album, and we’re kicking off our return to the stage by having a killer show with our friends Violet Isle opening up the night at the White Eagle Saloon! You’re not gonna want to miss this…  It’s the first chance you’ll have to hear the new tunes played live, and we’ll of course have the new album available for purchase and other new merch to coincide with the release…

Looking forward to seeing you all!